Starting nursery is a big milestone for children. It can also be a big stressor for parents.
To help ease the anxiety, here are a few tips that you can try out for you and your kids starting new childcare in Glasgow. These fun activities can help your children start nursery with a positive attitude! The most important thing is to talk with your children about school in a positive manner to encourage them to be excited about this chapter.
Talk To Them
If your kids are ready to start nursery, you should discuss expectations and the new routine with them. You can also help them prepare by encouraging them to practice their daily school routines at home.
Make sure your child has had a physical exam and is up to date on immunisations. Get them into a healthy sleep schedule and make sure they are getting enough physical activity.
Visit The Nursery
For some kids, nursery is a big deal. They may have siblings or cousins who attend nursery and school, and they hear all about their teachers, the playground and more.
Ideally, children should know most of the letters in their names and some of their letter sounds before they start nursery. But every child develops at their own pace.
Find out if your school has an open house or orientation for incoming students and go to it, with your child if possible.
Make A Schedule
Getting your child used to the idea of a daily schedule will help them know what to expect. It can be helpful to include some “non-negotiable” activities in the schedule, such as lunchtime and naptime.
Most teachers expect students to know the letters in their name and have some understanding of their letter sounds. Also, they need to be able to have good listening skills as well as socialising to make friends and participate in tasks properly.
Work on these skills at home by talking about colours and shapes, drawing together, stringing beads, writing their names with crayons or markers, etc.
Take A Tour
Many schools and nurseries have a tour day in the Spring, and it’s a great opportunity for your child to meet their teacher. Putting a face to the name helps children feel more comfortable on their first day.
During your tour, pay attention to the cleanliness of the classrooms and the bathrooms. It will tell you how much pride the teachers and staff take in their environment.
If the nursery is outside your neighbourhood, set up a tour during rush hour so you can gauge how long the commute will be. It also gives you a chance to see what it’s like when class transitions occur and how student drop off/pick up is handled.