Improves Heart And Lung Health

Due to dancing often being a high-intensity workout, it will aid the function of your heart and your lungs. Dancing gets the blood pumping through your body and raises your heart rate to encourage your cardiovascular system to operate properly. You can also master the correct breathing techniques through dance, which helps the function of your lungs.

Increases Strength

Dance often requires a certain level of muscle mass and strength due to the constant movement. Over time, your muscular strength will improve and will physically tone your body and figure. Having good muscular strength is incredibly beneficial to develop good posture, reduce back and neck pain and increase your stability as you age.

Strong Bones

When partaking in physical activity that targets every area of the body, it reduces the risk of osteoporosis which is the condition in which bones become weak and fragile. Dancing can aid bones to become strong and healthy along with a balanced diet of calcium and vitamin D. Having strong bones is especially important as you get older, as with age, your bones are more prone to becoming brittle.

Improved Self Esteem

Dancing can help boost self-confidence and self-esteem. It is an art that requires self-belief and bravery, and this is something you can learn to develop over time. It can also improve social anxiety and social skills as often dance classes are in groups and dance shows are in front of audiences.